HighPointe Kids

We Want Your Kids to Love Church.

We are committed to creating safe and fun environment where your children are taught about the Bible and the love of Jesus through relevant, age-appropriate kids services. Our ultimate hope is to see a generation of children come to know God at an early age.

At HighPointe Kids, we value...







We bring kid-inspired fun to every service and classroom through energetic worship music, interactive games, and bright, friendly environments. Our team is made up of people who feel called to share the love of Jesus with kids, and every Sunday they help bring excitement and enjoyment to your child’s church experience.

Your child’s safety is incredibly important to us, and we are committed to a system that creates a safe environment. This means our staff and volunteers in every service and classroom have completed a background check. Every kids area has a uniformed police officer present, and most areas have video surveillance. Our entire team is thoroughly trained and immersed in a culture of safety and cleanliness with the wellbeing of your child in mind.

As a church, we are always investing in the next generation, and this starts with babies and kids. From praying over infants to sharing relevant Bible lessons with elementary kids, our goal is for each child to learn about the Bible and experience God’s presence weekly.


HighPointe Kids is for children ages 0-11 years old and our facilities are staffed with professional, caring adults who provide a safe and secure environment that is geared to your children's physical, social, and spiritual growth. We have taken great care to prepare these areas to be the best environment for your child with age appropriate toys and an opportunity to interact with others.


0-2 Years Old
Our nursery rooms are well staffed and prepared with age-appropriate toys that are thoroughly cleaned every week. As our team holds your baby, we pray for them to know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference throughout their life.


3-4 Years Old
In preschool our goal is to encourage your child to seek a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and others in an atmosphere where they feel a sense of belonging. We present biblical learning materials with a hands-on approach to help establish in the hearts of the children an active faith toward God and His Word. We teach the simplicity of the Gospel through stories, crafts, songs and other activities.


5-11 Years Old
In HighPointe Kids we strive for one thing: to make learning about Jesus fun! Every Sunday we sing songs, play games, recite scripture to memory and the kids hear a sermon every Sunday from our kids pastor or one of our many qualified kid's church workers. All our staff are background checked and undergo training in how to serve in kids ministry.

Checking In

Checking In

When you arrive, look for our HighPointe Kids check-in stations. One of our friendly team members will help check your child into our system. You and your child will receive personalized, coordinating ID tags unique to your family and your visit, which you will show after the service in order to pick up your child. If you lose your ID tag, you will be required to show your Driver’s License in its place.

At check-in, we will ask for the following personal information: Family member’s names, children’s names and birthdates, address, phone number, and any special instructions such as allergies or special needs for your child. You can also choose to pre-register your child online before arrival.

If for any reason we need to contact you during the service, your child’s ID code will appear on the screen in the sanctuary. If you see your ID code, please exit the auditorium, go to the HighPointe Kids area, and ask a staff member to take you to your child’s room.

Online pre-registration will need to be received no later than Friday at 5pm, in order to be processed in time for Sunday Services.


Your child's safety is a top priority to us here at HighPointe. All volunteers and staff, who work with children, are background checked. We also have a powerful check-in system in place to help facilitate a safe environment for your children. If you have any questions regarding our policies and procedures contact us at info@myhpc.com or call the church offices at 334.475.3707.

Resources for Parents

Water Baptism

We are so excited that you are considering baptism for your child! Every child can have a personal relationship with Jesus, and in HighPointe Kids, we encourage them to make a decision to follow Him.

We advise parents to wait until their child is asking to be water baptized. This is usually a good indication that they are ready to be baptized and that it will be a spiritual milestone in their life. While children under the age of seven can have a relationship with Jesus, they will not necessarily remember or understand the significance of water baptism, so we encourage parents to wait for baptism until they are a little older.

As you discern if your child is ready to be water baptized, we encourage you to use this the Baptism Question and Devotional Guide to see if your child is ready to be water baptsized.

Baby Dedication

HighPointe Church believes children are a gift from God, and we are very excited that you are interested in baby dedication. Baby dedication is a public commitment you make before God, your church, and your family. The dedication service provides you, the parent(s), with an opportunity to express publicly your desire to lead and spiritually nurture your child in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, so your child will develop a desire to love God and love others.

Nursing Mother's Room

This area is designed for mothers with infants to enjoy the Sunday service in a private environment where you can feed, change, and care for your baby. The service is streamed live in this area just for you. When you are attending a HighPointe Sunday service, one of our ushers or Dream Team members can direct you to the Mother’s Room.

HighPointe Harbor
HighPointe Harbor.png

HighPointe Harbor exists to share the love of Christ by assisting individuals needing special accommodations, and their families, to become full participants and contributors in the body of Christ. We are grateful to partner with you to facilitate an incredible experience for your entire family.


+ How will my child be integrated into their class?

HighPointe Harbor aims to integrate children into general classrooms as much as possible. Each Sunday, the Harbor Coordinator will place your child in the level of integration that will set them up for the greatest level of success. Children may be fully integrated, partially integrated, or stay in the Harbor classroom on any given Sunday depending on the child’s individual plan, Dream Team availability, and classroom dynamic.

+ What services will Harbor be offered?

HighPointe Harbor will be offered during our 8:30am service.

+ Where is the HighPointe Harbor located?

Harbor is located in the Kids Building in the Clubhouse room.

+ Where should I drop off and pick up my child?

Children who are part of HighPointe Harbor will always start and finish in the Harbor classroom (Clubhouse).

+ What does my child do in Harbor while I am in service?

Your child will have the opportunity to experience worship, watch a Bible story, pray, complete a craft and coloring sheet, and play with other kids. Their time in Harbor is designed to be structured, purposeful, and fun.

+ My child wears diapers, will they be changed?

Children age three and under will have their diaper changed during the service. If a child is over the age of four a parent will be paged to come and change the diaper.

+ What if my child gets sick or hurt while in HighPointe Harbor?

Safety is one of our primary focuses in HighPointe Harbor, but we know sometimes sickness and accidents happen. If your child appears to be sick, bleeding, or hurting him/herself, a Harbor leader will page and text you immediately. HighPointe Harbor will not under any circumstances perform medical procedures on children or give medication to children. In an emergency, an Epi Pen will be administered if the parents have provided one.

+ What if my child is having behavioral problems?

If a child starts behaving inappropriately, HighPointe Harbor will set up a meeting with you to discuss the behavior and develop a plan to encourage positive change. HighPointe Harbor may also page or text you out of service if necessary.

+ How will I know I am being paged?

As part of HighPointe Kids and HighPointe Harbor, when you check your child in, you will receive a parent sticker with a unique four-digit code that matches your child’s sticker and code. If we need you for any reason, your four-digit code will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen in the main service. We will also text you this code to

+ Will my child ever be alone with an adult?

We stand with you in prioritizing safety and accountability. HighPointe Kids and HighPointe Harbor will always have two people in the classroom at all times, including during diaper changes. Diaper changes will take place in one of the nursery classrooms.

+ What if my child no longer needs Harbor services?

If your child becomes independent in his or her classroom and no longer needs Harbor services, the Harbor Coordinator will set up a meeting to discuss next steps for your child.

Your Next Steps

Set up an appointment with a Harbor Coordinator by emailing kids@myhighpointe.com.

Here’s what you can expect at your appointment:

• We will evaluate the level of support your child needs and create a plan for success.

• You will receive a tour of our facilities

• You will complete paperwork to prepare for your child’s time in HighPointe Harbor

• Appointments last about 30 minutes and are only available outside of Sunday service times.

HighPointe Harbor Family Intake Form

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