Your 38th Year

Have you been waiting for the answer to a prayer and you wonder if that answer will ever come? If you’re like me, the answer to that question is yes. Perhaps you’ve been praying for physical healing for yourself, a family member, or a friend; maybe asking God for a financial miracle, the restoration of a marriage, the salvation of family or friends, peace in the workplace, friendships to be restored; or perhaps you simply want a friend.

Many of us may have been asking God for the answers to a multitude of questions and those answers just haven't arrived yet.

In John 5: 1-9 we are given the account of a man who had been stricken with a disease and going to the Pool of Bethesda for thirty-eight years waiting to be healed. Now, at this pool, there was always a host of sick people; some blind, lame, paralyzed, and probably every kind of disease imaginable. All of these people knew that at a certain time an angel would appear, stir up the water, and whoever was the first one to step into the water after it had been stirred by the angel would be healed. So, you can imagine the mad dash that would occur to be the first one in the water.

The man in our story had another issue... apparently, due to the nature of his disease he could not move very well and he needed help just to get into the pool. In other words, without the help of others, he could not move fast enough to be the first one in the pool. Then, on this special day, Jesus arrives at the pool, sees the man, and says to him: "Do you want to be made well?" (v. 6)

Think about it; this man had been going to the pool for thirty-eight years and Jesus asked him this question! Then look at the man's response in v. 7: "I can't for I have no one to help me get into the pool & someone always gets in ahead of me."

Here's the simplistic Lister Reeves translation: Yes, I have been praying for this (name whatever you have been praying for), I have been praying for a very long time, I keep waiting, I keep waiting for my day of deliverance and answers to come, and just when I think my time has arrived, it seems someone else always gets the answers to their prayers answered first, i.e. God answers their prayers and I'm still left waiting in line.

But, Jesus always has the last word. The very next verse (v. 8-9) Jesus looked at the man and said to him: "Rise, take up your bed and walk. And, immediately the man was made well and he walked."

So, be encouraged this day! Maybe God is speaking to you and saying: "This is your day to answered prayers; this is your 38th year!" What may have seemed like an impossibility to man only takes a touch from Jesus to immediately change your situation. Perhaps in your spirit Jesus is asking you: "Do you want to be made well?" Have the courage & boldness to say YES, stand on that declaration and give thanks to God because He loves to answer the desires of your heart!

Pastor Lister Reeves